Technologies and brands


Exclusive to adidas®, this technology improves protection and comfort for the athlete. It is a molded foam structure that absorbs and distributes shock waves equally. The impacts experienced during training are therefore considerably reduced, which minimizes the risk of injury.


TechFit technology improves joint alignment, muscular balance, and posture in addition to connecting “key muscle” groups to maximize power generation. This results in more explosive movements while power and speed are the key to your success. TechFit products are compressed and adjusted which provides functional and physiological benefits such as:

  • Better movement sensitivity
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced muscle vibrations


ClimaLite® fabric expels sweat from the skin to the outside of the fabric, which accelerates evaporation and improves the regulation of the body's natural temperature.


Exclusive to adidas®, this new technology combines the molded CD foam structure with an injected gel which further absorbs and evenly distributes shock waves. The impacts experienced during training are therefore considerably reduced, which minimizes the risk of injury.

Once again, this technology improves the protection and comfort of the athlete.


Formotion products are constructed three-dimensionally to move naturally with the athlete's body in motion.
Improving the weak points of traditionally two-dimensional products, adidas created Formotion.

This specific characteristic of sports products allows the item to follow the athlete even during the most intense and sustained activities.

Torsion® System

System that stabilizes the center of the foot in all sport-specific movements, improving control, support and comfort.

Acts as support for the arch of the foot and allows you to better adapt to the surface you are on.


Adidas has centered its business around the motto “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.” We strongly echo this sentiment at Canada Fighting, and that is why we have maintained our partnership with Adidas for a decade now, since 2010. Whether for sports clothing, boxing gloves or boxing shoes, Adidas has always provided quality equipment.


Nike has always defined its mission as “bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” They have never stopped supporting diversity and inclusiveness in both sport and business. Canada Fighting became an authorized Nike seller in 2017 and we have since made their boxing shoes available to all Canadian boxers. Our partnership with Nike is important to us because we understand how the quality of our equipment can affect the performance of our athletes and, like Nike, we aspire to make the best possible equipment available to you.

Title Boxing

Title boxing was born in 1998 and since then aims to offer quality products to the world of boxing and gain the trust of boxers. They stayed true to their promise and have been helping boxers achieve their goals ever since. They definitely convinced us of their integrity and the quality of their product, which is why in June 2017 we decided to integrate their brand into our platform. Like most of our partnerships, our mission is to make the best equipment accessible to Canadian boxers and to remain a helping hand in their development.


Since 1910, Everlast has declared itself the preeminent brand in boxing, they have since established themselves as one of the most important boxing equipment manufacturers in the world. They have since proven their worth to professional fighters like Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson and Benson Henderson and Canelo Alvarez. It is their long history and the quality of their product that made Everlast an ideal partner for Canada Fighting. This is why we integrated their products into our collections in April 2019. Since then, we have made their products available to all Canadian boxers, whether in Quebec or British Columbia.


Sting sports has established itself in the world of boxing as a supplier of high quality equipment for Olympic and professional boxers. They established themselves as a trusted manufacturer when they became the official supplier of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As an official licensee of the AIBA (International Boxing Association), they continue to supply the world's biggest boxing events . Sting has successfully combined the finest materials, the latest design techniques and the most skilled craftsmen to create superior products. Our partnership with Sting began in 2019, when we decided to join forces to provide an exclusive line of Sting products at Canada Fighting.

Green Hill Sports

Green Hill was founded in the 2000s with the goal of providing premium boxing equipment at an affordable price. They supply all boxers regardless of their level and have since committed to providing affordable equipment regardless of the athletes' financial capabilities. The decision to partner with Green Hill Sports in August 2020 was easy, as their goal of creating products that are both affordable and quality helps us make boxing equipment accessible to all Canadians regardless of their financial conditions.

Top Ten

Top Ten Canada has been operating out of Ontario for over 25 years and offers a wide range of training equipment and clothing for boxers of all levels. Top Ten gear is worn by some of Canada's best athletes. Top Ten quickly aligned itself to ensure that all martial arts schools had access to the equipment they needed. Top Ten has been part of our collection since 2020, another partnership we are proud of.


As one of our oldest partners, Hit boxing gear holds a special space in our hearts. The brand was created by Jukado, a local martial arts-focused manufacturer based in Montreal, which sponsors David Loiseau and the Crow Training Centre. As with most jukado products, Hit emphasizes durability and affordability. They create products that any boxer can get without sacrificing much-needed quality.