Protect your head and mainly your face while boxing is essential ! Discover our wide assortment of head protectors and Boxing Headgears of several brands: Adidas, TITLE, HIT … We have chosen Boxing Headgears that will allow you to keep maximum visibility during the fight and you will ensure optimal protection.

Namely, wearing the headguards is mandatory in amateur boxing competitions and is used by professionals during their boxing training. The Boxing Headgears protects the face from cuts that are related to the shots but you will not be able to avoid bruises.

Choose your Boxing Headgears according to the durability (between 5 and 15 years old), the size of course, the lining of the helmet, the type of chin strap and the aesthetics of the helmet and its price which can vary from 50 – 90 dollars up to more than 100 dollars for a boxing helmet of very good quality ! Discovers our all boxing Headgears

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  • Adidas boxing headgear

    Adidas AIBA Headguard

    124.99$ Select options
  • Sale! HIT Boxing Headgear

    HIT vinyl head protector

    49.99$ 39.99$ Select options
  • Face Saver Hit Headgear

    59.99$ Select options
  • Pro Adidas Headgear

    Super Pro Adidas Headgear

    114.99$ Select options
  • Rookie Adidas Headgear

    Rookie Adidas Headgear

    74.99$ Select options
  • Pro Series Hit Headgear

    99.99$ Select options
  • Adidas Response Headgear

    99.99$ Select options
  • Power Air Title Headgear

    79.99$ Select options