Canada Fighting has a large selection of high-quality sports footwear and boxing shoes on sale from reputable brands such as Adidas, Nike and Title. We carry a variety of lightweight and highly durable boxing shoes made from high-performance materials and offered at competitive prices! We carry a variety of popular models such as the Adidas Rival, Nike Machomai Mid, Title Speedflex, Nike HyperKO boxing shoes and much more! All our sportswear is designed to take your training to the next level. Visit our sales page for promotional coupon codes or to see the full catalogue of sports equipment and boxing shoes on sale.

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  • <a href="">Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Red</a>

    Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Red

    239.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Box Rival Adidas Boxing Shoes</a>

    Box Rival Adidas Boxing Shoes

    119.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Nike Machomai Mid Boxing Shoes – White</a>

    Nike Machomai Mid Boxing Shoes – White

    124.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – White / Game Royal</a>

    Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – White / Game Royal

    Select options
  • <a href="">Nike Free HyperKO Shield Trainer Boxing Shoes – Grey</a>

    Nike Free HyperKO Shield Trainer Boxing Shoes – Grey

    259.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Title Speedflex Boxing Shoes</a>

    Title Speedflex Boxing Shoes

    99.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Volt / Sequoia</a>

    Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Volt / Sequoia

    239.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">TITLE Elite Boxing Shoes</a>

    TITLE Elite Boxing Shoes

    121.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Obsidian</a>

    Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes – Obsidian

    239.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Adidas Probout boxing Shoes</a>

    Adidas Probout boxing Shoes

    149.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Nike KO Boxing Shoes – Navy/Electric Green</a>

    Nike KO Boxing Shoes – Navy/Electric Green

    199.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">KO Legend Adidas Boxing Shoes</a>

    KO Legend Adidas Boxing Shoes

    219.99$ Select options
  • <a href="">Matt Wizzard Adidas Wrestling Shoes</a>

    Matt Wizzard Adidas Wrestling Shoes

    99.99$ Select options