Boxing Gloves for Bag - TITLE Ali Legacy

Boxing Gloves for Bag - TITLE Ali Legacy

Choosing your boxing glove size

For children4-5 years4oz
-6-7 years6 oz
-8 years and older8 oz
French boxing-63kg8oz
Full contact-63kg8oz
English amateur boxing-10 oz
English Boxing pro-72kg8oz
Kick-boxing / Thai-67kg8oz
  • Official tribute to the greatest of all time! The impression he left on the world of sport, the influence he had on society and his impact on all those he met make the name ALI sufficient to tell his story
  • Made of noble materials worthy of the champion
  • Integral 2″ multi-layer foam interior for excellent shock absorption during heavy bag training
  • Moisture resistant lining to keep athletes cool and dry
  • A double wrist tie around the wrist provides the strongest wrist attachment

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