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  • Green hill hand wraps are made from high quality, latex-free polyester, incorporating all the features needed for ideal hand wraps
  • They work wonders for pain relief from strains, dislocations and sprains
  • They offer excellent support to your wrist joint during prolonged training sessions, which saves your wrist from terrible injuries (advanced GX-Velcro fastening system)
  • A good reason to wear these wraps is that they won't let your glove absorb sweat (KX-Nano Spores), thus maximizing their usability
  • Being made from polyester, they are hypo-allergenic, machine washable, soft, natural, strong and breathable.
  • Also working during recovery with varying degrees of compression and durability, these wraps ensure quick recovery by giving soothing warmth to injuries
  • If you are a heavy hitter these wraps are the perfect choice for you, they help keep your bones and tissues compressed saving you from pain and injury