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Top Ten Boxing Helmet

Top Ten Boxing Helmet


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  • Officially approved for AIBA, the helmets come with the AIBA label, which is mandatory for certain competitions. We also carry TOP TEN boxing gloves approved for AIBA
  • The knowledge gained from existing TOP TEN products was used to manufacture this helmet made of leather, as the demand for this type of helmet was extremely high.
  • The interior padding is covered in leather and has a velvety inner side, in order to provide excellent comfort
  • The TOP TEN helmet is equipped with 4 adjustable Velcro straps for maximum comfort and good adjustability. Indeed, the top of the helmet has a double velcro, there is also a chin strap (without the traditional metal piece) and finally the back of the helmet has a wide leather strip with a velcro strip that protects the back of the head
  • The inner padding is made of extremely elastic polyurethane, which perfectly absorbs shocks
  • The TOP TEN helmet is equipped with extra padding around the ears
  • The inner surface is made of velvety leather which prevents the helmet from slipping
  • Tested at the Technical University of Berlin

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