Exclusive to adidas® this NEW Intelligent moulded structure offers superior comfort and protection. By absorbing and dispersing shock waves more evenly, the impact sustained during training is greatly reduced and therefore minimizes the risk of strain injuries that can occur.

Adidas Techfit


The purpose of TechFit is to improve joint alignment, muscle balance, and posture plus combine key muscle groups together to maximize power generation. This results in better explosive movements where power and speed is key. Techfit products are compressive and tight and provide clear functional and psychlogical benefits such as:

  • Better awareness of movement
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Reduced Muscle Vibration


ClimaLite® fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation, enhancing the body’s natural temperature regulation.

I-Protech plus


Exclusive to adidas® this NEW technology features an Intelligent moulded structure with additional integrated Gel. Providing optimum safety and comfort it offers maximum protection available to the metacarpal thereby reducing hand and repetitive strain injuries that can occur during any training.



Formotion apparel is three-dimensionally engineered to move naturally with an athlete’s body during sport. Realizing the shortcomings of traditional two-dimensional apparel, adidas created Formotion. Its sport specific fabrics feature extreme stretch zones that allow the garment to move naturally with the body, even during the most strenuous of athletic activities.

Torsion System

Torsion® System

A system that stabilizes your midfoot in all sport-specific movements and enhances control, support and comfort. It acts like an arch support under the midfoot and allows you to best adapt to the surface you are on.